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The Sword, Dove, Eagle, Egg, Maze

In the symbol of the sword we see yet again, a principle of this planet embodied. It is a principle that was required of this planet and throughout this planet, you have, if we use time, quite rapid proliferation and withdrawal. That sword is indicative of the principle that was imposed upon this Logos—you call it killing. You observe what you term death on every hand over the planet—it matters little whether it be a tiny insect or whether it be a great organism—death—and that sword postulates that principle of the planet.

It is a symbol of the Logos; it is a symbol of that which was imposed upon this Planetary Logos. It also embodies that figure four, and we repeat, it is a symbol of the forces that were imposed upon and are manifesting through this Planetary Logos. We mention here that it is not to be regarded as humankind regard death. It is a beautiful symbol—it is a beautiful imposition of that which was required upon this Logos.

The dove has been used as a symbol from early times. What you are seeing is a manifestation of the various forces that emanate from and through this Logos, symbolized, and in each case, humankind has treasured these symbols and used them in various ways, and they appear in various forms of meditation because they are basic to this planet. The dove is a symbol of enlightenment—not peace as humankind often thinks—it is a symbol of enlightenment and perhaps accomplishment, the two words are interwoven.

The eagle sees the travelling back. It is associated with the withdrawal force, and of course, it is a Logoic representation, but it is associated with the withdrawal force, and it again has occupied a niche in humankind’s thinking from prehistory.

The egg is of course somewhat self-evident in that there is not one life organism on this planet, which does not begin its history, its cycling as an egg. Again we look at an inherent planetary principle, and that egg purely symbolizes that which is the operation of this planet in its proliferation.

We will except the maze from that which we mentioned. It is not inherent in the planet. It is the outcome of mankind’s desire to get back, mankind’s desire to return, as we mentioned earlier and his inability to find the way back. It is not plain, it is not straight, it is not open, and he tries; he tries this, he tries that; and so the maze symbolizes the attempt of mankind to find a pathway that he blindly is aware, exists.



Power of the Tarot

Psychic powers are common to all people, but some have not used their ability in the field of Metaphysics, so they consider that they don’t have them; everyone has them to some degree or another. Some brain researchers explain that the primitive brain is more intuitive and that hunches and psychic insight are activities of this more primitive part of the brain.

The energies come up through the medulla, through the cerebellum lobes, to and through the pineal in their twinned trinities (and note these trinities are not of opposing polarities). The energies that come through the trinities shine through their various avenues and that which is the first trinity channels initially into mainly the left hemisphere, then across to the pituitary gland.

Those energies cause an imprint on the energy already flowing through that left hemisphere. This imprint we call thought. So, we have the left hand side of the brain dealing with abstract thinking, music, art, and literature; the imprint called thought and the ability to think clearly. This, in turn, channels to the right hemisphere where it is necessary.

So, rather than a left brain, right brain phenomena, it could perhaps be described as an inner brain, outer brain phenomena. If we go along with this theory, traumatic situations may allow the thought processes to occur at a more primal level, so that decisions are made instinctively or intuitively. So we have an influence coming from the subconscious mind, which by its definition, resides below the threshold of consciousness.

Correct training can help this information come to the conscious mind at will. Practice with the symbolism of the Tarot can raise the level of awareness and hone the intuitive faculty. Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind and the Tarot, being rich in Metaphysical symbology will speak directly to your subconscious mind and allow intuitive insights. When you experience the symbolic nature of the Tarot, the experience is brought directly from your subconscious mind into consciousness awareness.

To learn how to do this: 1. Go into a deep state of relaxation 2. Connect with your higher self 3. Place your hand over the appropriate tarot card 4. Let the impressions come into your conscious mind 5. When the images or impressions have finished, you should have a fuller awareness about the problem you were trying to solve.

There are many sets of Oracle Cards and particularly Angel Cards now readily available. While these cards do not allow the intuitive process to flow as fully as the Tarot Cards, they may be beneficial for someone just starting out as they have the meaning of the card printed underneath the illustration. Using oracle cards is a great introduction to working on your spiritual path. Make sure you like the deck you choose as this enables you to feel more connected with the deck and connect better with your own guidance. The Tarot is part of the Ancient Wisdom given in modern guise to show the blessings and pitfalls along the Pathway back to the Source of Creative Energy, or if you prefer, the Godhead.



Paranormal Objects

The object pictured to the left might look like an ordinary bell. It was given to me many years ago with some other unusual objects. I didn’t pay much attention to these objects until mysterious things started happening a couple of months later. When I tuned into the energies of the bell, I found to my delight that the bell contained many spells, and had, in fact, been used thousands of times by the original owner for spirit, angel, and other paranormal entity connection. When I learned how to activate the spells contained within it, I was able to perceive many beings coming and going through a portal. Each one had a particular message for me. After a while, the bell would ring of its own accord whenever an entity was near.

I also learned how to communicate with certain beings by ringing the bell a certain number of times, and saying a specific formula. All this might sound a bit like a fairy tale! It does because it is! Another discovery I made was that the bell could summon fairies, gnomes, and djinn. Not only that, I was told how to activate a portal into the realm of the Fae.

When the bell became fully charged, it emitted light rays of force. The spells contained within the bell were originally performed by someone using only white magic. Magic exists! Perhaps your karma will draw a similar object to you. By now I guess you will be wondering if some of those fairy tales we all know and love are actually true. A lot of them contain allegories explaining metaphysical truths in a manner more easily understood by the person reading. However, some do contain hidden spells for anyone who has an interest in such things to uncover and explore.



What is Spellcasting?

Spellcasting is an activity that is misunderstood by a lot of people who are not involved in some sort of spiritual work. What did you do when you went to school? You learned to string letters together to SPELL so you could make words! Spellcasting is no different, except that you are stringing your words together to make something positive to enhance your life. We do not frivolously attempt to change things to suit our needs, but we use spells to support our conscious minds in an attempt to clarify a purpose inherent in our faceted structure that has come into our conscious minds and that we need to attract into our lives to complete some function.

So spells are really used to change ourselves; to bring ourselves into proper alignment with our soul purpose. Many people use spellcraft to change themselves, not to affect or alter those that surround them. Spells can be used in various ways, and there are various levels of the craft that can be used to give one more strength of character, more self-confidence, or to attract something into our lives that will be of benefit to ourselves and others.

Spells can also be used in meditation to connect with various beings, the Goddess energy, and moon magic. Now some people are offended by the word magic. This word comes from the word “magi,” or you may better know about it by remembering the three wise men (magi) who visited the baby Jesus. The root is also used in the word, iMAGlnation. Humans are the only beings on the planet who have the ability to use their imagination. It is a holy gift.

Some do use spellcraft as a tool to help them deal with daily life. But it is really a spiritual tool, a prop for the conscious mind, while we are learning to use our own power as divine beings. Those who use it in a negative sense will pay the karmic price.

Spells have been invented for every imaginable purpose, and, of course there are spells being used today that include all sorts of magical correspondences. There are spells for best life work, protection spells, love spells, abundance spells, spirit connection, spells, fae spells, spiritual celebration spells and so on.

A spell should be likened to a prayer, performed consciously and reverently. Those who do need support to the utterance of their will, sometimes call on a variety of assistance from gods, goddesses, elementals, herbs, crystals and candles or other helper spirits to assist in building the necessary atmosphere for performing the spell. I will not be going into detail about such matters here, but will stick to basic information and use spells similar to modern day affirmations.

All you need to do is to be in the particular room you wish to enchant. Start creating the mood you want, using the desired tools. Remember that your tools are lifeless objects, and have no meaning at all, until you temporarily give them one.

Meditate, then take a lavender incense cone, and charge it with the desire of a peaceful, enchanted sleep. Light it and as the smoke wafts up, fan with a feather using your visualization and imagination. Imagine white light coming out of your body and further connecting with the incense, then see the energy and your desire spreading out in the room, just like the smoke. By the time the smoke and scent disappear, your room will be enchanted.


Handmade Spell Boxes

The spell boxes pictured here is an example of the unique type of spell box that can be created. Each one is different, and one of a kind. You will only find this particular type of spell box here at the College. They are composed of and overseen by a special elemental. A figurine representing the elemental sits atop the box, and an amulet allowing you to connect with the elemental is also supplied as a piece of jewellery that you can take with you when apart from the radiations of the box.

The boxes can also be created and enspelled without including the elemental. The box is filled with special secret and sacred ingredients as well as the spell itself; then the whole item is energetically charged to produce the radiations that will protect the area in which it is located.

Most of the boxes made carry a spell of protection, but if a special spell is required for another quality, that can be arranged. The spell boxes take considerable time to make and are usually made on request. They are only available in Australia.



General Spell Boxes

It is very interesting to collect an old box and make it into a spell box. These old boxes can often be picked up in antique shops and may already be charged as a spell box. The one illustrated has been charged to keep items used specifically in spell working. For example, you might have boxes for candles, gemstones, and crystals, parchment, pencils and pens, others for gold and silver flakes, and others for spelled and enchanted jewellery. Of course, all of these things are not absolutely necessary, but are used as supports to assist in creating a sacred atmosphere, and to assist in creating an energetic space in which to perform the spell casting. You can always make your own spell box, and charge it for whatever is needed. I normally make hand made spell boxes for protection, but they can be charged  for many different purposes, such as friendship, to attract business, beauty, purification, success, communication. If you think about it, spells are what many would call affirmations in today’s world.But you need to be able to charge the box as well as saying the spell to make it an effective tool. Obviously, this takes some form of magical training in the art of spell casting, and also in the sart of channelling energy to achieve the outmanifesting of the spell. Spell boxes have a charm all of their own and are often regarded as mysterious tools by those who have no interest in the sacred art of spell casting.



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