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Lyn’s Magical Workshop

After lecturing and instructing in metaphysics for forty years, I decided to retire and share my wealth of knowledge with others who are interested in mysticism and metaphysics. I love writing small eBooks about topics that are now considered important to spiritual growth.

I also make a variety of small spell boxes containing a prayer of protection; however, these boxes can be charged with any spell or ideation to assist spiritual growth. These boxes can be used as a meditation tool and are also instrumental in helping one to focus on a particular theme in meditation.

My other great crafting love is fashioning beautiful wands, which I used to make for my metaphysical classes. Now I am going to be a bit more creative, but these wands can all be used practically. Everything I create has great beauty as well as a practical purpose.

Nothing in my shop is other than pure White Light. Everything that leaves is blessed and charged with unconditional love and intent before it leaves my studio.