Our Christmas Magazine 2015

The Christmas Season 2015 was an important event as the solsticial energies were very high and lasted well into the New Year. After considering the events happening in the world, my spiritual connections thought it would be a good idea to write something about how humans educate their children spiritually, especially around this special time of year.

I believe a lot of young adults are now lost and turning to alcohol and drugs to find some meaning in life, not realizing, as the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom gave, that all answers reside within. In the New Age, only an appreciation of humanity’s divine origins will bring about a fundamental change in consciousness.

Those of us who had a loving family connection and lots of friends did celebrate the different quality of energy that was made available to everyone on the planet. It was sad that many were unable to tune into the beautiful and harmonious vibrations, but those who did partake shared the vibrations with those who were ready to receive. There is much information available for those who are seeking to travel the metaphysical path, and there are further free articles available here.


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