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The Wisdom of the Tarot

Here, we are not interested in the fortune telling aspect of the Tarot, we are interested in the inner or spiritual significance which pertains to the Path of Initiation as represented by the twenty two Major Arcana cards that contain the wisdom of the Tarot.

I will tie in as many aspects from other sources as I am permitted to relate. This information will be channelled through from a deeper source so some of the information will be different. References to the Egyptian Mysteries, the Hebrew mysteries, and the Bible will be incorporated in this study.

Today, most Tarot decks are used for divination purposes. Divination is a noun that literally means: “to make godlike.” And the Major Arcana shows the journey that each one must make to return to their source, or God. The drawings on the Tarot cards are symbolical of archetypal energies or that which the ancient Egyptians and Greeks termed gods and goddesses; and a full list of correspondences will eventually be given.

There is a spiritual record of all events that ever were and will be concerning our planet called the Akashic Records, and these records have been equated with what has been termed the Collective Unconscious. Archetypal energies and the Collective Unconscious are synonymous so it is no wonder that the Tarot has been so successful as a tool of divination. We must however, remember that these cards contain in picture form, the ancient wisdom of Hermes Trismegistos veiled under the form of divination. But we are about to discover that they contain much more—much, much more. If you remember the Hermetic axiom I used at the beginning, “That which is above, is also that which is below,” you will come to understand both the physical and non-physical universe in an entirely different way, not to mention the different levels that reside one within the other.

Another old axiom states: “Man know thyself” This was placed over the entrance to the mystery temples in Egypt and Greece. No clue however, was given about how to achieve this, and except through diligent effort on the part of the seeker, no pathway was shown. This is why the secrets of the Tarot are being revealed once more in their fullness. This information will bring about change, and will show you how to move from the body and personality, through to the creative being that you truly are. Under the heading, “The Tarot and Psychic Powers,” I alluded to the pineal and pituitary glands. Information on these important centres will also be given in due course, and you may experience a shift in consciousness as a result.

You will become a pioneer of your own destiny, that which once had been separated, will move toward being reunited. The self will be restored to the Self through the reunion of the inner and outer parts. You can achieve this through the Wisdom of the Tarot.


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