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The Sword, Dove, Eagle, Egg, Maze

In the symbol of the sword we see yet again, a principle of this planet embodied. It is a principle that was required of this planet and throughout this planet, you have, if we use time, quite rapid proliferation and withdrawal. That sword is indicative of the principle that was imposed upon this Logos—you call it killing. You observe what you term death on every hand over the planet—it matters little whether it be a tiny insect or whether it be a great organism—death—and that sword postulates that principle of the planet.

It is a symbol of the Logos; it is a symbol of that which was imposed upon this Planetary Logos. It also embodies that figure four, and we repeat, it is a symbol of the forces that were imposed upon and are manifesting through this Planetary Logos. We mention here that it is not to be regarded as humankind regard death. It is a beautiful symbol—it is a beautiful imposition of that which was required upon this Logos.

The dove has been used as a symbol from early times. What you are seeing is a manifestation of the various forces that emanate from and through this Logos, symbolized, and in each case, humankind has treasured these symbols and used them in various ways, and they appear in various forms of meditation because they are basic to this planet. The dove is a symbol of enlightenment—not peace as humankind often thinks—it is a symbol of enlightenment and perhaps accomplishment, the two words are interwoven.

The eagle sees the travelling back. It is associated with the withdrawal force, and of course, it is a Logoic representation, but it is associated with the withdrawal force, and it again has occupied a niche in humankind’s thinking from prehistory.

The egg is of course somewhat self-evident in that there is not one life organism on this planet, which does not begin its history, its cycling as an egg. Again we look at an inherent planetary principle, and that egg purely symbolizes that which is the operation of this planet in its proliferation.

We will except the maze from that which we mentioned. It is not inherent in the planet. It is the outcome of mankind’s desire to get back, mankind’s desire to return, as we mentioned earlier and his inability to find the way back. It is not plain, it is not straight, it is not open, and he tries; he tries this, he tries that; and so the maze symbolizes the attempt of mankind to find a pathway that he blindly is aware, exists.



What Happens After Death?

When someone passes through the veil, it leaves people on the earth plane miserable and unhappy; why is this so? Chiefly because it separates us from those we love. The only other reason why death brings grief or fear is because we do not understand it and comprehend the part it plays in human evolution. But the moment our ignorance gives way to comprehension such fear vanishes and a more peaceful attitude of acceptance takes its place. Humanity has now come to the point where it must break the “thought barrier’ if it is to continue to an enlightened age of peace and true brotherhood.

Why do we have enemies from whose words or acts we suffer? Because in our limited physical consciousness we do not perceive the unity of all life and realize that our wrong thinking and doing are like boomerangs that return to us bringing the results back for us to experience. The only way most people learn is through interaction with others, and sometimes through painful interaction, because that is the only way the information can get through.

On a personal level, others will mirror back to you exactly what you have sent out and will continue to do so until you cease to think negatively. This will continue for you until the time when the causes you have already generated are fully exhausted. When spiritual illumination comes, and you no longer stumble in the night of ignorance, the last enemy will disappear, and you will no longer be required to incarnate upon the earth plane.

We can be free of all such games or blame when we are released from the confines of the physical body during sleep. Many wake up to find themselves out of body and in a different sphere or realm where there is only peace and harmony. Mostly this is forgotten by morning, and the person goes on to face another day, but having an unconscious knowing that there is something better somewhere.

It is our ignorance that makes poverty and disease able to manifest in our lives because we do not comprehend their meaning or their lessons, nor do we know the correct attitude to assume toward them. If we did, there would not be any poverty or disease on our planet, and we know that this is not the case. Yes, a minority of people are certainly learning the lesson in how to bring about the balance so that they can live a relatively easy life without having to experience this manifestation. But for the majority, the wisdom to understand why illness or poverty seems to strike is just not there.

And so it is with all forms of suffering we experience. They are at once reactions from our ignorant blunderings and instructors that point out the better way. When we have comprehended the lessons, they teach they will be no longer necessary and disappear because by then we will have understood why they were essential factors in our evolution. It is not by the outward acquirement of facts that men become wise and great. It is by tapping into the soul from within until it illuminates the brain centres with a downpouring of that flood of light called brilliance.

When we have reached that point in our evolution, then we will turn from our interest in mastering matter to the instinctive knowledge of a spiritual universe composed of myriad realms, planes and sub-planes and perhaps when a loved one passes through the veil, we may even be permitted to go with them a certain distance.

Each soul that moves out of the shadows and into the light, out of ignorance into knowledge and out of superstition into truth is helping to dissipate the fog of darkness into which humanity has fallen. The darkness is greatest just before the dawn, but the more people invoke the light, the quicker the energies of the new age will be ushered in.


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