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Handmade Spell Boxes

The spell boxes pictured here is an example of the unique type of spell box that can be created. Each one is different, and one of a kind. You will only find this particular type of spell box here at the College. They are composed of and overseen by a special elemental. A figurine representing the elemental sits atop the box, and an amulet allowing you to connect with the elemental is also supplied as a piece of jewellery that you can take with you when apart from the radiations of the box.

The boxes can also be created and enspelled without including the elemental. The box is filled with special secret and sacred ingredients as well as the spell itself; then the whole item is energetically charged to produce the radiations that will protect the area in which it is located.

Most of the boxes made carry a spell of protection, but if a special spell is required for another quality, that can be arranged. The spell boxes take considerable time to make and are usually made on request. They are only available in Australia.



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