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Fae and Elven Spell Boxes

These delightful boxes have been created especially for those who wish to interact with fairies, elves, mermaids, unirorns and so on. Occasionally the word fae describes any magical being, including hobgoblins or gnomes: at other times, the word only depicts a particular sort of more supernal being or sprite. Folklore traditions refer to them by such names names as the wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, and so forth. While in modern society they’re frequently depicted as young, some of the times winged, humanlike, initially, the were described really differently: tall, beaming, angelic beings or short stubby gnomes. Fairies are broadly described as human in appearance, and are about 6″ tall. They do have magical ability, but their roots are less clear in folklore.

Each one of these spell boxes is unique and has been especially handcrafted and acts as a portal to attract those beings who wish to connect with humanity.These beings exist in the astral realms and have much to teach us about magic and other forms of meditation. The boxes contain, crystals and semi precious stones, black rose oil, and a powerful spell of protection.



The Answer to Stress is Meditation

Some people tend to consider meditation like a magic wand thinking that they can wave it in the air and all tension and stress will disappear from their lives. So they wave it a few times and when they consider that it doesn’t work—they give up. Such a pity! Because the answer to stress is meditation. Humankind simply hasn’t learnt to use the magic wand correctly. Like any stage magician using a magic wand—which is really only another technique—it takes a reasonable amount of time and practice to become proficient. For meditation to be truly effective the best time is either early in the morning just before the sun rises so that you tap into the energies of the planet as they rise to make a new day or just at sunset or sometime after, or before retiring. Any time during the day is really fine and you will soon learn to be in a meditative state even when going about your daily business, as the effects tend to be cumulative.

You will find that if you approach meditation positively and with a loving attitude it will be something to look forward to and not merely a chore to bring about relief. Then you will find that you will begin to look forward to your meditation periods and you will develop the necessary patience and persistence for success. t is not necessary to meditate for lengthy periods of time. For the average person, ten minutes, two to three times a day will give you beneficial results. Of course, if you would like to spend more time, you may get greater benefits.

There are many techniques available to bring about a state of relaxation, so choose one that suits your time and one that appeals to you. If you force yourself to do something that you do not like to do, it will only produce more tension, and you may end up with frustration added to your stress. The more you meditate, the more you will achieve inner balance and harmony which will eventually lead to a beautiful feeling of peace throughout your day. Yes, the answer to stress is meditation. After some time of practice, your physical stress levels will diminish considerably, your emotional body will feel more in balance with everyday living and your mental body will begin to look at life with a more positive outlook.

Once the tensions and stresses affecting your life begin to melt away, you will find that both your nervous system and your digestive system begin to improve, toxins will be able to escape from your body more readily, and your energy levels will rise, allowing a more healthy and vital outlook on life. Meditation can be considered the panacea for all minor ills, tensions, worries, fears and distress in your life. As you become accustomed to the regular routine of daily meditation, you will begin to seek to understand further the mysteries of life.

The ancients gave the dictum, “Man Know Thyself.” How does one get to know the self? Pathways to Self Mastery Meditation Programs contain many excellent meditation exercises to assist with stress relief as well as allowing one to walk a metaphysical path. The Programs embrace a teaching that provides the techniques for accomplishing this inward focus and experience. All techniques are practical and demonstrable in daily living, and the travel upon this path opens doorways and portals to new dimensions within the self. eBooks to assist can be found here. 




A Shared Gift!

I wish the world we live in could be attuned to what we have been gifted through this course. I would like to go forth and help those that wish to be helped with my knowledge thus far.

Julian F. Thornside

Beyond Space and Time

Many people have wondered about the possibility of projecting the psychic body to other worlds or planets.  Some have wondered about the possibility of projecting to the other side of our universe. Would this be beyond Space and Time? Are there other life forms that exist there? If so have they communicated with beings on our planet? Are there recorded instances of this occurring?

Before considering the matter, let us first review the vastness of outer space. When we look up into the night sky, we see evidence of myriad stellar systems, but the precise limits, if any, are not known by human kind. The distance of celestial objects such as stars, planets, and nebulae is determined by using light as measuring rod. We are aware that the speed of light is approximately186,000 miles per second, and we know of nothing that transcends it. One light year is the distance that a ray of light travels in one year. This is slightly more than six million, million miles!

We are unable to comprehend such vastness. Yet, astronomy has estimated that there are an infinite number of universes. According to science, our own galaxy, the Milky Way, has a diameter of about 100,000 light years, and it takes our Sun 225 million years to make one revolution around the nucleus of our galaxy. This is an almost unbelievable period.

However, visible light is not the only energy of the electromagnetic spectrum that reaches the Earth, as radio telescopes demonstrate. Thought is an energy generated by the human mind. That thought possibly could project itself beyond the human mind, or to the human mind was long considered to be a fantasy of the mystics. Others, who were not so interested in metaphysics, and having no means of perceiving thought waves, as they were called, rejected the whole subject as imagination.

Only in relatively recent years has science conducted experiments with telepathy or thought transmission in the realm of parapsychology, and agreed to further experiments because of the positive results. But many rejected the idea and were inclined to discredit the statistics offered as proof of telepathy. However, since then, thought has been classified according to the type of waves it produced when electrodes and special recorders were attached to a subject.

Many individuals have reported receiving others’ thoughts, even at great distances. It seems that distance is no barrier to the subtle nature of thought. The known energy of the brain gives no evidence of having the potential to transmit over the distances that have been reported for thought. If, however, thought is capable of traveling at the speed of light, the swiftest known to man, then at least it can also be theorized as capable of reaching far into the vast depth of our galaxy—-and [perhaps even beyond.

If transmission and reception of thought is simultaneous everywhere, as earthly experiments seem to suggest, then thought would have to transcend the rate of speed of any energy known to man. As yet, there is no proof of this—only unsubstantiated claims. One could theorize about some superior intelligences existing in other worlds that have the mastery of a phenomenon far exceeding man’s, and that these intelligences could use an energy to communicate thought waves without the limitations of space or time. If they possess such knowledge, then we could further presume that they would also be aware of the limits of human perception. Consequently, these stellar intelligences would need to find a means of making the human mind conscious of the energy at its disposal and its symbolism. Otherwise, there would be no general communication between them and humankind.

Such communication has been publicly recognized since the 1960s when a wealth of knowledge started to pour into the minds of certain individuals, bringing information through to those who were interested.

This article is based on the recognition that there is a phenomenon called channelling. It is universally operative and all existence is a product of it in one way or another. It has a psychic as well as many other applications throughout humanity.

Pursuing this theme a little further, it must be said that the abilities expressed through a channel are not abilities of the personality. They are abilities emergent out of the subtle energy life of this planet. They pre-exist the life of each person and endure beyond, as history testifies. The genuine channel has the humility for this acknowledgement.

While we have built a picture of channelling relating more to humanity on this planet, we have left unanswered those causes of channeling which claim some source from beyond. Inevitably, this involves us with the meaning of extraterrestrialism. One such star system is of particular interest to us.We point to the great age of the white dwarf, Sirius B. As an ancient star much knowledge would have been gathered throughout its long existence and then transmuted into that which we call wisdom. This wisdom via streams of solar energy is then channelled to the Sun and the planets.

We are well aware that one brief human life is an insufficient time span for gaining the quality of wisdom needed to fulfill the purpose for human existence. From the time primitive man was projected onto the planet, to the more advanced form of humanity at the present time, the foci that we recognize as Higher Soul Selves have evolved in their ability to project a more complex and more refined form. This evolvement occurs only in the Higher Soul Self through the process of nucleification. The rate of advancement in this process is different right across the stratum of energy from where souls are projected, and this is why we see wide differences amongst the people on the planet.

The evolvement of human consciousness is the result of this long continuity of function by the Higher Soul Selves operating through the spirit and soul of man. In this deeper continuous evolvement lies an explanation of the process elsewhere called reincarnation and is a soul activity, not an activity by the person. The Higher Soul Self projects into certain circumstances for its own evolvement. Such are the matters explained in the meditative program of Pathways to Self Mastery.

Few Higher Soul Selves have reached the higher stage evolvement, and of the examples that there are, Christ and Buddha are the more well-known. There are, however, also many other Masters in the hierarchy of this planet whose function lies behind the veils of obscurity; they work largely unseen and mostly unrecognized.

They oversee humanity from afar, and in turn, they are overseen by those Great Ones who ensoul planets and stars, the Planetary Logos, the Logos of our Sun, and in turn the Logos of Sirius. Mankind is never left alone; no man is an island unto himself and never can be, it is only the veils of illusion that cloud our vision of the deeper truths.

We are the result of a Universal Command that has channelled through the stars above to manifest, in turn, on planet Earth. We are permeated by the subtle energies of the Source. Let us be reminded once again by the scriptural verse, “In Him we live and move and have our being.”

This is why we reach for that distant star—the closeness is not there physically—but it is there in energy; we cannot be separated from it. That which is released from a source and projected out into its own sphere beyond space and time is eternally linked with that source; it is part of the person and the person, in turn, is part of it and must, in time, come to recognize that truth. We know it as a Source in Sirius; that Source, which has imparted the deepest knowledge for those who seek its wisdom.



The Wisdom of the Tarot

Here, we are not interested in the fortune telling aspect of the Tarot, we are interested in the inner or spiritual significance which pertains to the Path of Initiation as represented by the twenty two Major Arcana cards that contain the wisdom of the Tarot.

I will tie in as many aspects from other sources as I am permitted to relate. This information will be channelled through from a deeper source so some of the information will be different. References to the Egyptian Mysteries, the Hebrew mysteries, and the Bible will be incorporated in this study.

Today, most Tarot decks are used for divination purposes. Divination is a noun that literally means: “to make godlike.” And the Major Arcana shows the journey that each one must make to return to their source, or God. The drawings on the Tarot cards are symbolical of archetypal energies or that which the ancient Egyptians and Greeks termed gods and goddesses; and a full list of correspondences will eventually be given.

There is a spiritual record of all events that ever were and will be concerning our planet called the Akashic Records, and these records have been equated with what has been termed the Collective Unconscious. Archetypal energies and the Collective Unconscious are synonymous so it is no wonder that the Tarot has been so successful as a tool of divination. We must however, remember that these cards contain in picture form, the ancient wisdom of Hermes Trismegistos veiled under the form of divination. But we are about to discover that they contain much more—much, much more. If you remember the Hermetic axiom I used at the beginning, “That which is above, is also that which is below,” you will come to understand both the physical and non-physical universe in an entirely different way, not to mention the different levels that reside one within the other.

Another old axiom states: “Man know thyself” This was placed over the entrance to the mystery temples in Egypt and Greece. No clue however, was given about how to achieve this, and except through diligent effort on the part of the seeker, no pathway was shown. This is why the secrets of the Tarot are being revealed once more in their fullness. This information will bring about change, and will show you how to move from the body and personality, through to the creative being that you truly are. Under the heading, “The Tarot and Psychic Powers,” I alluded to the pineal and pituitary glands. Information on these important centres will also be given in due course, and you may experience a shift in consciousness as a result.

You will become a pioneer of your own destiny, that which once had been separated, will move toward being reunited. The self will be restored to the Self through the reunion of the inner and outer parts. You can achieve this through the Wisdom of the Tarot.


The Study of the Tarot

The study of the Tarot in an esoteric sense will lead you through one of the doorways to the mysteries of life. The Tarot has been with us since the dawn of time in one form or another as it is a pictorial representation of the journey back to the Godhead. And we can see this even in many religious ceremonies today. For example, on the first card, the Magician, we see depicted the four elements, in the form of the sword, the wand, the cup and the coin resting on a table. If you look at the symbology depicted in some churches today, you will see something similar. It takes only a little bit of thinking to come up with the analogy. The cards are simply used to show the many blessings and pitfalls along the way. And as you work your way through each impression of the card, you will experience the energies associated with the archetype that the card represents.

Spiritual truth never comes as dogma; it comes as a small still voice from within, and is only relative to you and the lessons you have chosen to learn in this incarnation. This does not mean to say that you cannot assist others if they ask you, but the warning here, of course is, not to let your ego or personality colour the information coming through. Truth depends on the insight of each individual, so it is rather impossible to generalize about the problem of truth, except to say that each one will have their own truth and it will be relative to the degree of their spiritual maturity.

The capacity to differentiate between knowledge and wisdom is also tied up with this problem of truth. There is a wide difference between the two and it is much easier to gain knowledge than wisdom. Whereas knowledge depends on receptivity and understanding of the mind and experience coupled with the memory of such experiences, wisdom does not depend on knowledge at all, although both are identical up to a certain point. The source of wisdom comes from the causal principle or that which is termed the Godhead. Therefore wisdom does not depend on the mind or the memory, but on the maturity and purity of the individual entity, and insights are passed on through the intuitive or inspirational processes. Therefore to develop a well rounded out personality, knowledge as well as wisdom must go hand in hand; neither one nor the other must trail behind.

The Tarot, therefore is the perfect tool to assist in unlocking the intuitive processes and can lead to profound insight and wisdom.


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