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Whisperings from the Command

How is something caused into existence where it did not exist before? The subject of creation has proven to be greatly vulnerable to distortion. The teaching of this College shows clearly the commanded emergence of energy into matter and its required evolvement into form, ultimately involving consciousness, awareness, intellect and understanding. It is shown clearly how this planet came into existence and the reason for its functioning. The requirement to project a physical manifestation causes a Logos to gather together energy or primal matter, and in this gathering together is inherent the required degree of intelligence needed to carry out the projection. The gathering together causes a depressed intensity in the surrounding areas in the universal sense. This then gives rise to an automatic projection: this projection from the planetary Logos is part of the planetary trinity principle.

The pattern follows; that force, which emanates from that which is the Logos, centres itself and then attracts primal energy, and so, becomes a force centre with the ability to project of itself. The principle applies then to the next projection, and the next projection and also, to the next projection. As the projections go forward, or project outwardly, each projection is less in intensity. In other words, that which is the projecting force may not project something that is greater than itself. If you understand that, then, of course, you will understand that it must diminish, diminish, diminish as each projection goes forward.

Remember the command which, as the Logos formed and became a planet, was, “Go thou forth and proliferate – you will project, you will proliferate.”

So, from the Logos is a spawning; a projection, then a series of projections. Remember that the solar body, (the planets forming the solar body in all its complexity – and it is not simple) is a oneness. Therefore that which ultimately becomes humankind is only one projection of many, many, many from the Logos. It spawns, and you must remember that each spawning has its direct application to the purpose of its being spawned. In other words, the word function enters very sharply into this matter, and each projection has a function. This Logos as an energy projection, in itself, influences all other parts, including its parental Source, the Logos of this overall solar system.

Among these many spawnings from the Logos is one which is required to become material – it projects from the Logos; that projection or child then begins to project, and energy then begins to step down and become matter. There was no planet Earth with an incoming Logos; there was pure space. This planet Earth is the Logos. Therefore, many eons back, in what you term time, came the force centre and it spawned, allegorically, a child amongst others, and that child began to project and step the energy down until it was dense enough to manifest as matter. So, then you had the beginning of a physically observable planet Earth.

Humankind is, of course, the ultimate physical projection from the planetary Logos. The ultimate requirement has been fulfilled that was embodied in the force that was and is the command – “Go thou forth and proliferate.”

Further information on such interesting subjects is only available through the Sirian Mystery School, a division of the College of Esoteric Education. Because universal concepts are difficult to understand, much of the teaching is explained through analogy and allegory.




The Spawning of the Solar System

Solar System

We wish to explain the overall pattern of that which is this Planetary Logos. Now, in beginning, we do not need to recapitulate the principle of solar cycling, but in that cycling, you will understand that there is still, shall we say, a pushing forward of projections in obedience to that which was commanded. We are going to approach this quite gently and show you the cycling that occurred, which is a universal principle, also the projections forward. This is going to occupy many talks because we do not intend to embody anything so profound and far reaching in one talk, but we will give the clue to it in this talk.

We have, as you have been taught, the command energies from the solar Logos into its initial projection. Understand that surrounding that solar Logos are energy rings and the projection went forward. This is the only word that we can use—the projection went forward, gently, quite gently, through the various rings. We cannot describe that which surrounds the Solar One as rings—they are not; they are a degreed interplaying of the forces, of the duality, and the initial projection, the only projection, went forward from that Solar One. A force was projected ultimately, and the required primal matter gathered. A nucleus formed, it was embodied with, empowered by, that Solar One to do that which was required.

Now, we tell you that initially there was one planet only; one planet only that orbited the sun. That one planet over a long period was corrected in orbit, and all was well, the command channelled through; through the Solar One, and through its Child to proliferate. This it has done.

That one planet gave birth—on the left hand and the right hand. In other words, it spawned from its dualled intensities. This does not mean to say that that which was spawned on the left hand is coloured black, and that spawned on the right is coloured white.

This does not mean that at all. Its dualled intensities mean that there are functions which are required of certain energy spectra, and we go back right now to the bases, and we say that in the primal energies there is still a requirement channelling through from that unknowable Source. So, be it spawned on the left hand, be it spawned on the right hand, the spawnings still contain their required dualities, and yet, not in balance.

We are not required to tell you that which is preponderant, nor the reason for it. That which we are required to pass through is that that one focus spawned on the right hand, and spawned on the left. You then have had and have a solar system.

Again, this forcing through of projections obtains; there is no ability on the part of anything to exist unless there is the requirement there. You may regard the planets as direct projections from the Child that was spawned directly from the Solar One. We may at some future time be asked about planetary size; we may be queried as to Mars being less than another is—this is not important. We are concerned only with energy intensity; spatial size is to be utterly disregarded.

So we see this planet Earth as a projection from the projection from the Solar One, and we see a requirement, a command energy channelling through and we see that command saying ‘go forth and proliferate.’ We will cover this in detail in later talks.

The spawning of the solar body was from the initial spawning—this is the point that we wish to make, that there was one focus of energy projected from that which is the Solar One, and that projection spawned, as we said, on the right and the left.

Now, the functionings on the right are differential from the functionings on the left. Each projection from the Solar One, through its own projection, has its own particular function to proliferate. This proliferation has nothing to do with any other proliferation. You may land on the planet Neptune, and see nothing, feel nothing, experience nothing. This does not mean to say that there is not life or a form of existence on the planet Neptune. It simply means that you are unable to communicate with that life form.

Each of the organs of the body that is solar has its own function, has its own concomitant ‘in being.’ You would not, surely, attempt to relate the functioning of one to another. If you were able to walk into a liver you would not relate the functioning of that liver to the functioning of, shall we say, the prostate gland. If you were able, again, to walk into the prostate gland, you would not see anything like the functioning that is in the liver. Nor would you on any one of the planets that are part of the solar body or the solar organs, see a similarity of functioning, but, of course, each organ is functioning.

We do not wish to carry this talk further at this point: we wish only to drive home the point that there is a form of existence that springs from primal energy extant on each one of the planets that are part of the solar body. In no way are these forms of existence similar, nor would you expect them to be, but there is, and there are forms of existence, each fulfilling and channelling back it’s functioning into that which originally spawned it.

Channellings from the Sirian Command.


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