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The Answer to Stress is Meditation

Some people tend to consider meditation like a magic wand thinking that they can wave it in the air and all tension and stress will disappear from their lives. So they wave it a few times and when they consider that it doesn’t work—they give up. Such a pity! Because the answer to stress is meditation. Humankind simply hasn’t learnt to use the magic wand correctly. Like any stage magician using a magic wand—which is really only another technique—it takes a reasonable amount of time and practice to become proficient. For meditation to be truly effective the best time is either early in the morning just before the sun rises so that you tap into the energies of the planet as they rise to make a new day or just at sunset or sometime after, or before retiring. Any time during the day is really fine and you will soon learn to be in a meditative state even when going about your daily business, as the effects tend to be cumulative.

You will find that if you approach meditation positively and with a loving attitude it will be something to look forward to and not merely a chore to bring about relief. Then you will find that you will begin to look forward to your meditation periods and you will develop the necessary patience and persistence for success. t is not necessary to meditate for lengthy periods of time. For the average person, ten minutes, two to three times a day will give you beneficial results. Of course, if you would like to spend more time, you may get greater benefits.

There are many techniques available to bring about a state of relaxation, so choose one that suits your time and one that appeals to you. If you force yourself to do something that you do not like to do, it will only produce more tension, and you may end up with frustration added to your stress. The more you meditate, the more you will achieve inner balance and harmony which will eventually lead to a beautiful feeling of peace throughout your day. Yes, the answer to stress is meditation. After some time of practice, your physical stress levels will diminish considerably, your emotional body will feel more in balance with everyday living and your mental body will begin to look at life with a more positive outlook.

Once the tensions and stresses affecting your life begin to melt away, you will find that both your nervous system and your digestive system begin to improve, toxins will be able to escape from your body more readily, and your energy levels will rise, allowing a more healthy and vital outlook on life. Meditation can be considered the panacea for all minor ills, tensions, worries, fears and distress in your life. As you become accustomed to the regular routine of daily meditation, you will begin to seek to understand further the mysteries of life.

The ancients gave the dictum, “Man Know Thyself.” How does one get to know the self? Pathways to Self Mastery Meditation Programs contain many excellent meditation exercises to assist with stress relief as well as allowing one to walk a metaphysical path. The Programs embrace a teaching that provides the techniques for accomplishing this inward focus and experience. All techniques are practical and demonstrable in daily living, and the travel upon this path opens doorways and portals to new dimensions within the self. eBooks to assist can be found here. 




The Secret Lies in Meditation

In the far, distant past, as energy began to project forward into a slightly lesser frequency, there were caused into existence multiple intelligences that were responsible for bringing the human form into physical existence; the divine issue came forth. Over time, these intelligences became known as the parents of humanity, or simply as “Energy Parents.” Other organizations and religions have called them the Higher Selves or souls of humanity.

These parental intelligences have the ability to draw their human children into communion or communication through the process of meditation. It is only through this communion that the fulfillment of the spiritual needs that humanity is so desperately seeking today is accomplished. Many of the great Ones have constantly told us that: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” However, many keep looking outside of the self, and thus never find what they are searching for. The secret lies in meditation or the path within. The ability to commune with their Source was a natural function of primitive peoples and it was only as intellect developed and a more outward focus was established that the ability to directly communicate was lost. The separateness felt by many people today is causing disharmony on the Earth plane. This separateness between humanity and its Source has reached a pinnacle, and many are now seeking the return path back to the Source, not realizing that the secret lies in meditation.

Once the ability is regained through some process of meditation, life begins to take on new meaning, awareness, and fulfillment. The way back to the Source or the Logos is normally taught through the deeper teachings of meditation, or through a Mystery School that teaches the ability to reconnect with that lost communion. Any deep meditative process offers a profound depth and richness as inner and outer parts are reunited.

In these times of turbulence and stress, many are seeking a deeper and more definitive answer to life’s meaning. All seekers come from many different walks of life and from diverse backgrounds and occupations. Those who are ready for the deeper mysteries know they can no longer show a blind, unquestioning, unthinking acceptance of life as it is working out on the planet at this time.

If you are seeking the answer to life’s mysteries, realize it is the Inner or the Higher Self that is propelling you towards life’s fullness; there is so much more to experience than the normal material life. It is this self that will divulge the mystery of the path, because the mystery of the Inner Self is the path itself. The ancients gave the injunction: “Man know thyself and then you will know the secrets of the universe.” How do you get to know the self? “Meditation provides the techniques for accomplishing this inward focus and experience. The secret lies in meditation.

Meditation should be practical and demonstrable in everyday living by allowing you to achieve a peaceful outlook in the face of adversity as well as lifting the vibrations of the physical body, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, thoughtform by thoughtform into the higher ascension body of light. More free articles are available from here.



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