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Welcome to the College of Esoteric Education, a place where you will learn more about yourself and your relationship with the world around you. We teach the deeper truths pertaining to the spiritual makeup of humanity, and lead our students through structured and instructed meditations, studies and journeys that culminate in the soul merge.

We hope you enjoy exploring our free content and please remember to visit our other homes on Etsy and the App Store to check out our great range of metaphysical publications and meditation resources.


Benefitted me greatly

Lyn Asmar has been instructing me in meditation for approximately 18 months. The work we do on a one-to-one basis has benefitted me greatly in my personal development and my health and I enjoy Lyn’s method of teaching the subject. Having spent many years as an Office Manager/Shareholder in our Architectural practice and Investor, I […]

Revealed my Inner World!

I have been a student of Lyn Asmar and the Pathways to Self-Mastery Program at the College of Esoteric Education for several years. It has ‘gently’ turned my life around over that time exposing old beliefs and habits and revealing an inner world previously unknown to me. I wholeheartedly recommend this journey. Andrea B. Balina

A Shared Gift!

I wish the world we live in could be attuned to what we have been gifted through this course. I would like to go forth and help those that wish to be helped with my knowledge thus far. Julian F. Thornside

I strongly recommend this meditation!

I have known Mrs Lyn Asmar for approximately four years and have found her to be professional and very helpful. Throughout this period I have found the meditation to be invaluable as it has provided me with guidance in times of difficulty both physical and emotional. The meditation taught by Lyn is gentle in its […]

Completely trustworthy, competent and professional

Mrs. Lyn Asmar has been known to me for a period of four and a half years. My association with Mrs Asmar started when she was a teacher at the College of Esoteric Science. l have found her to be completely trustworthy, competent and professional and over the years have recommended many people to her […]

The Mysteries of Life

If you have ever wondered about the mysteries of life, I would like to recommend Lyn Asmar’s Meditation courses. You will be taken on a wonderful journey that will help in so many ways in dealing with life’s ups and downs and exciting revelations on your inner journey. I have found the many courses Lyn […]

A Life Changing Experience

Pathways to Self Mastery, a meditation programme taught by the College of Esoteric Education, has been for me, a profoundly personal journey of self discovery, self growth, spiritual development and knowledge. It has enabled me to truly look within. A life changing experience. L.F. Brisbane

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