The Brisbane-based College of Esoteric Education grew out of research into paranormal activity in the early 1970s. The research culminated in the successful development of a modality which became known under the general term of energy therapy as a treatment for the ills of humankind. The subtle energy forces guiding the development of this research eventually expanded into diverse fields of which healing is only one aspect. Simultaneously with the development of the application of energy in healing, came an increasing knowledge of subtle energy realms and their diversity of usefulness in the arena of human activity. The release of this knowledge formulated the instruction of a meditative path, the nature of which is to establish resonance between a person and the subtle energy forces which comprise the persons multi-dimensional self.

This knowledge was unfolded step by step in the manner advised to bring about the development of what was to eventually become known as the multi-phased “Pathways to Self-Mastery” program. As the information continued to be developed into further energy functionality and the teaching program expanded exponentially, the College of Esoteric Education was formed to cater for those interested in such diverse metaphysical teachings.

The College of Esoteric Education is here to assist students in developing their hidden spiritual potential and to help them take the next step in human evolution. It also has a specially designed course for the distance learner so that home study can be easily accomplished. The College has no affiliation with other esoteric institutions and neither are its teachings traditional in the general sense of the word. Rather, the teachings come from a deep intelligent Creative Source and have been previously known and taught as the Ancient Wisdom.

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