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Overcoming Blockages with Relaxation and Guided Imagery

If you are experiencing blockages of any kind, the easiest way to overcome them is through a process of relaxation or through guided imagery. The cause of the majority of ailments that beset humankind lies in an energy circumstance of which the emotional mental condition is but a result. This is because all of our health problems are related to a separation from our Higher Self, and some form of stress or stressful situation usually causes this separation. In turn, this separation causes blockages in the energy flow and sets up negative imprints and patterns that show themselves through our behaviour and interaction with others. If we are not able to heal ourselves at the emotional and mental level, eventually disease will prevail in the body. Relaxation Therapy works very intuitively and assists in bringing the four-fold body system back into balance.

Relaxation Therapy can help with very definite techniques for relaxing the physical body rapidly. One form of relaxation that can be accomplished very easily by anyone is guided imagery. Guided imagery can also be used to reduce stress. By imagery I mean not only pictorial imagery, but auditory, olfactory, tactile and kinaesthetic images as well. Don’t get hung up on the fact that you don’t “see” well. We all know how certain smells can provoke certain images. Anyone can overcome a resistance to imagery by informing the right brain that it’s okay to use your imagination like you did when you were a child, like when you imagined the dot on the wall was a big hairy spider. If the inner eye part of you is relatively unknown to you, do not be deterred. There is a very good chance, that with the practice of certain guided imagery, it will rapidly emerge. Guided imagery can also be used very successfully as a relaxation technique. Relaxation has healing benefits and can easily be learned through the guided imagery technique.

For those who are interested in exploring Inner Child work, the nature of guided imagery is extremely beneficial. We do not grow out of childhood; we grow up around it. Therefore a part of us is, and ever shall be, the little child that we were; and even in this category, there are a number of variations associated with the Inner Child that need exploration and explanation; and if we are willing to observe ourselves, we can see this Inner Child in action many times a day. When you have a disagreement with someone, it is usually your 5 or 6 year old Inner Child that is doing the disagreeing, not the adult you.

The Inner Child then, is a very real verifiable and valuable part of us. It is involved more with the feeling side, than the thinking side, because it originated during that period of development when we were capable of feeling more than thinking. It is the subconscious storehouse of our most joyful moments and sometimes our most unbearable anguish or pain.

Guided Imagery can assist in releasing and healing inner hurt and pain. It involves an inner journey that takes you through experiences from the physical plane which involves looking at acceptance of the current personality and then the changes that need to be accomplished and the states of consciousness that need to be changed in order to allow a descension of higher energies. The journey progresses and the next steps relate to the release of impediments at the emotional/mental level and the connection with the sub-personality or sub-personalities.

Further steps involve meeting and activating your masculine and feminine sides, and activating the pranic tube. The final steps involve preparation for meeting the deeper aspects of the inner you, commonly termed the Higher Self, the Inner Self, the Master Within, the Inner Teacher or the Energy Parent, and the responsibility that entails.

We live in a time when stress is running rampant on our planet. No one escapes, but it just depends on how you handle it as to whether it will affect you adversely or not. Most people who meditate and use a specific guided imagery technique learn to handle their stress adequately, but sometimes extra support is needed at the deeper levels. This is when meditation can be of tremendous benefit. It helps to clear aspects from all levels of the four-fold body structure, and bring back balance and harmony to daily living. So you can overcome blockages with relaxation and guided imagery to assist the body back into balance mentally, emotionally and physically.

An easy way to experience guided imagery is through fairy tales. You simply pick a favourite fairy tale such as Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White, and so on. Read through the fairy tale, and then imagine you are the main character in the tale, and go ahead and let your imagination take you on a guided imagery quest. You may be surprised at what will be revealed to you, and how your tension and stress melt away.






Chance, Coincidence and Synchronicity

My whole life was changed by one small, unforeseen moment when I decided to visit my Mum. I thought I would try a different route on this particular day, because of a previous appointment, and as I was driving through an unfamiliar area, I caught a glimpse of a house through a tangle of bushes. It looked interesting, so I got out to have a closer look and discovered this older style house, elegant and calm in its setting, with lots of trees behind and parkland and a small stream two minutes away. Believe it or not, it was for sale, and we signed the contract that night. If I hadn’t decided to go a different way that day, we might not be living here now. But opportunity knocked, and I welcomed it with open arms!

I hear life stories from many people and sometimes one will stand out for some reason or other. I was speaking with a friend the other day who likewise, saw an opportunity to dance just by chance many years ago and grasped it with both hands. She, like so many widows, was finding it hard to fill her time with something worthwhile other than minding the grandchildren or sewing for the family.

This woman, in her sixties at the time, saw an advertisement for a tap dancing class. While her family was not in favour of her attending the class, nevertheless she went along—and had a ball. She has since danced at many festivals and won many prizes and now has added ballroom dancing to her repertoire. And incidentally, has regained the figure of a thirty year old, now at over eighty.

The upshot is that she is now out dancing three, sometimes four, times a week. She gets a marvellous reception from the audiences and her family and friends are proud of her late achievements. Now she invites her new friends over for coffee and even does dressmaking for the dancing group. Her life is full once again, and she no longer feels useless.

“I don’t know where I’d be now if it hadn’t been for seeing that advertisement by chance,” she says. “It got me on the move, where otherwise I might have been sitting on my own, just reading and getting more miserable each day. I do think it’s a gift from God to be able to dance at my age.”

At her age? Well this dancer who is so full of the joys of life, who likes to look her best and entertain her friends and hasn’t stopped learning, is eighty three years old.

Which goes to show that you can never know when some wonderful chance will come your way and that it is never too late for it to happen. Life is full of opportunities and synchronicities just waiting for you to activate them but you cannot expect some surprise to come and find you, while you sit around feeling bored and frustrated. You must make some effort of your own, find some interest that breaks the old routine or go to a place where you will meet different people.

You cannot make something wonderful happen overnight, but you may find that some little thing will start a chain reaction, which in the words of that dear older lady gets you “on the move.”

However much your life may seem to stretch ahead monotonously, the one certain thing is that there is no certainty. The only thing that is permanent in this universe is change. There is always change; always an opportunity that knocks; always twists and turns, some potholes, some speed bumps, but there are so many unexpected little happenings, that together can change your life. Lady Luck or should I say, Sister Synchronicity, may be closer than you think but you have to be prepared to meet her half way.


Energy Therapy

Within the concept of all things coming to their fruition at the end of a cycle, healing energies are no exception. Energy therapy is part of the diversity of practices that broadly go under the label of psychic, mystical or spiritual healing. This type of healing activity has been as much a part of this ending cycle as the physical therapies have been. And just as the physical therapies have advanced in their methodology, so too have those therapies that are psychically based.

Energy therapy is not the only way in which this advancement is happening. There are many similar therapies now utilizing energy as a basis for their application.

Sickness and disease on this planet are inevitable. Most are the results of forces projected by this Planetary Logos and a result of karmic influence. Those influences are in constant interplay and throughout that interplay is the theme of duality.

Viruses and bacteria are the products of group souls that are fulfilling command requirements to no lesser degree than the group souls that project humanity. Human involvement in these consequences is both as victim and perpetrator. The answer to individual difficulties lies in the configuration of energies that make up that particular person. Rarely does the purpose of energy therapy lie in physical things alone. In some cases, diet might assist in reducing effects; homeopathic medicine may also be of benefit, naturopathy and the flower remedies can also assist in the reduction of symptoms, but of themselves may not be able to alter the deeper causes even though many of     these modalities are now utilizing energy as a base.

Group Souls are responsible for the forcing through of energy into matter and are responsible not only for the projection of the species’ genetic code but also for the way in which the code is carried forward and any alterations that occur in it. Group soul energies that are presently involved in our existence have also been projected many times previously into incarnate existence and bear the mark of all their past experiencing. Written into these energies are the tales of past woes on the part of humanity—war, disease, and trauma. These unhappy aspects of our history give rise to cumulative effects in the group soul. They exist there as shadows, and they impede or distort the projecting activity that still must go forward from that group soul.

This results in certain weaknesses being bred into a family, race or nation. They are features written into the genetics of people, and they are caused there because that which projects the genetic code in the first place is obstructed by its own unresolved experience. Many ailments and difficulties experienced by people originate in these historically accrued effects and imprints within energies of the group soul.

The responsibility of these foci is the overcoming of the difficulties peculiar to a projecting source. That knowledge is of a different kind to how we would perceive it. The reason for one person being prone to illness and another not has its answer in these deeper energy levels.

Preventive measures such as immunization are the product of human observation and experimentation. The effects of immunization and allied methods cannot be transmitted from one generation to another and even in the life span of an individual they have a limited effectiveness and are short term only. They are not energy based but rely on a knowledge of disease in its fundamental sense.

Given the idea of a new cycle dawning, it must be expected that there will be new requirements introduced. This does not mean, however, that the future will be an affliction free one. Already, there is the appearance of new and strange diseases. Those who would look only to the dawn of a golden age are forgetful of the duality that runs through all things. If the future brings hope for change in many unpleasant aspects of the present, it will also bring a new set of difficulties through which the deeper parts of our existence continue in their learning.

In the application of energy therapy, a transfer of energy occurs through the therapist to the person being treated with the majority channelled through to the relevant focus or foci to make the necessary adjustments for correction of the difficulty the person is experiencing. Since these foci are involved in the projection of that life in the first place, they must also be involved in any alteration that has to happen within it.

The energies that project humanity cannot go forward into the oncoming new age burdened by the effects of past difficulties. We must also play our part. Change must occur cell by cell, molecule by molecule, thoughtform by thoughtform to allow the vibrational level of the human body to expand into the ascension body of light.



Must We Suffer to Grow?

Must we suffer to Grow? This question often arises when we see our loved ones suffering or in pain. The ancient ones gave us the symbol of the Rosy Cross to illustrate this point. This cross represents the body of a man with arms outstretched, petitioning God and the Heavenly Hosts to lessen the suffering, the trials, and the tribulations that seem to crucify the body, purge it of all unwanted frequencies, and then bring about regeneration.

The rose on the cross represents the heart centre of humanity in its spiritual unfoldment, becoming more fragrant and more beautiful and even more inspiring by overcoming the sufferings and trials of the body. This symbolism reminds us that it is a fundamental law of the spiritual world that through physical, emotional and mental suffering, and the tests and trials that come to the personality, humankind’s mortal, objective consciousness does grow and become more spiritual and masterful.

Trials and sufferings seem to attune us with the sorrows of the world. Once we have this awareness, it does make us more sympathetic, tolerant, and kindly in our attitude toward others. Our own personal experiences teach us the great lessons of life. Through these, we evolve and unfold our characters and personalities like the petals of the rose into the fulfillment of the seed from which it came.

The greatest of the earthly masters preceding Jesus or following him have tried to teach that to smile with the sunshine in human life and to grieve with its suffering makes life rich in expression. Until we can sense the heartaches of the millions who compose our brothers and sisters of the earthly human family, and until we can share wholeheartedly their sufferings, we cannot be one with them. Until we are one with all consciousness on the earth, we cannot be one with the Divine. This is the true law and principle of atonement.

The problem, however, is not that of sharing in the sufferings and tribulations of all mankind but of voluntarily sharing the trials and tribulations of our loved ones. Should we continue to hold back our own development to assist others in theirs? Should we allow the evolution of our soul and the growth and development of our character and personality to continue, unhampered by the restrictions that the lives of others seemed to demand? This is a real problem for many people. It is a serious one that must be faced by many who have loved ones who are very ill.

Must we suffer to grow? According to all of the spiritual laws of the universe, the soul resident within each one of us has been projected forward from the Logos. Its temporary residence in a physical body is for a specific purpose. That purpose has been divinely decreed and authorized. It is not within the power of man’s arbitrary decision or the jurisdiction of his voluntary judgment to direct the course of any soul in its growth or development, but to assist where necessary. For it is in helping others that we help ourselves.


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