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Paranormal Objects

The object pictured to the left might look like an ordinary bell. It was given to me many years ago with some other unusual objects. I didn’t pay much attention to these objects until mysterious things started happening a couple of months later. When I tuned into the energies of the bell, I found to my delight that the bell contained many spells, and had, in fact, been used thousands of times by the original owner for spirit, angel, and other paranormal entity connection.¬†When I learned how to activate the spells contained within it, I was able to perceive many beings coming and going through a portal. Each one had a particular message for me. After a while, the bell would ring of its own accord whenever an entity was near.

I also learned how to communicate with certain beings by ringing the bell a certain number of times, and saying a specific formula. All this might sound a bit like a fairy tale! It does because it is! Another discovery I made was that the bell could summon fairies, gnomes, and djinn. Not only that, I was told how to activate a portal into the realm of the Fae.

When the bell became fully charged, it emitted light rays of force. The spells contained within the bell were originally performed by someone using only white magic. Magic exists! Perhaps your karma will draw a similar object to you. By now I guess you will be wondering if some of those fairy tales we all know and love are actually true. A lot of them contain allegories explaining metaphysical truths in a manner more easily understood by the person reading. However, some do contain hidden spells for anyone who has an interest in such things to uncover and explore.



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