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Introspection and Spiritual Growth

If introspection is practiced on a daily basis before retiring, then you can pull your life together fairly quickly by becoming aware of the things that do not work in your life. Whitewash your day, going backwards over the events from evening to morning and become aware of any circumstance that needs to be changed to make your life work better for you. 

You will find that after a while of practicing this method, your life will take on a different quality of depth and inner peace. Daily examining your experiences, the decisions that you make, the relationships you have, and the things you engage in, provide useful insights into your life goals, and if you are on the right track to realising them. If you become aware of any negative trait that keeps reappearing, make an effort to transmute it into the opposite polarity. 

Introspection will also give you clues on how to act, how to respond to others better, and how to conduct yourself in the midst of any situation. Like any skill, introspection can be learned; all it takes is a little daily practice. It is a good idea to make notes in a journal so that you can monitor your progress. Remember to be forgiving of yourself if you find a trait difficult to remove. Continue to focus on the positives to assist your overall improvement.

It is a good thing to remember that you are a spiritual being that has taken on a personality so that you may have experiences in the earth plane phase of your existence. Your experience should include ennobling your personality through honest and dedicated daily living, so that your soul may infuse your personality with higher vibrations until you experience yourself as a soul personality. Introspection, of course, is only one way of becoming aware of those things that hinder your personal growth. 

At some point during your life, you will search for the meaning of your existence. This will normally mean that you will move out of your comfort zone and begin a more spiritual search for meaning. You may become aware of the four temperaments that influence all human behaviour—choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic. These temperaments are related to the original elemental principles of fire, air, water, and earth that underlie all existence. They have proceeded from Akasha or the Etheric Principle, which is sometimes regarded as the fifth power, or original power. So, even in the Godhead, we can see these principles demonstrated in the divine qualities of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and omniawareness.

As your consciousness begins to expand, you will come into a greater awareness and appreciation of all forms of life and begin to realise that the material plane is merely a crystallisation of spiritual form that has been stepped down in frequency through the process of the principle of sub-harmonics. We are all just unique individual notes of the vast symphony of life that is constantly playing in the universe. So, practice introspection daily to remain aware and tune into the hidden potentiality of your Soul.

Whisperings from the Command

How is something caused into existence where it did not exist before? The subject of creation has proven to be greatly vulnerable to distortion. The teaching of this College shows clearly the commanded emergence of energy into matter and its required evolvement into form, ultimately involving consciousness, awareness, intellect and understanding. It is shown clearly how this planet came into existence and the reason for its functioning. The requirement to project a physical manifestation causes a Logos to gather together energy or primal matter, and in this gathering together is inherent the required degree of intelligence needed to carry out the projection. The gathering together causes a depressed intensity in the surrounding areas in the universal sense. This then gives rise to an automatic projection: this projection from the planetary Logos is part of the planetary trinity principle.

The pattern follows; that force, which emanates from that which is the Logos, centres itself and then attracts primal energy, and so, becomes a force centre with the ability to project of itself. The principle applies then to the next projection, and the next projection and also, to the next projection. As the projections go forward, or project outwardly, each projection is less in intensity. In other words, that which is the projecting force may not project something that is greater than itself. If you understand that, then, of course, you will understand that it must diminish, diminish, diminish as each projection goes forward.

Remember the command which, as the Logos formed and became a planet, was, “Go thou forth and proliferate – you will project, you will proliferate.”

So, from the Logos is a spawning; a projection, then a series of projections. Remember that the solar body, (the planets forming the solar body in all its complexity – and it is not simple) is a oneness. Therefore that which ultimately becomes humankind is only one projection of many, many, many from the Logos. It spawns, and you must remember that each spawning has its direct application to the purpose of its being spawned. In other words, the word function enters very sharply into this matter, and each projection has a function. This Logos as an energy projection, in itself, influences all other parts, including its parental Source, the Logos of this overall solar system.

Among these many spawnings from the Logos is one which is required to become material – it projects from the Logos; that projection or child then begins to project, and energy then begins to step down and become matter. There was no planet Earth with an incoming Logos; there was pure space. This planet Earth is the Logos. Therefore, many eons back, in what you term time, came the force centre and it spawned, allegorically, a child amongst others, and that child began to project and step the energy down until it was dense enough to manifest as matter. So, then you had the beginning of a physically observable planet Earth.

Humankind is, of course, the ultimate physical projection from the planetary Logos. The ultimate requirement has been fulfilled that was embodied in the force that was and is the command – “Go thou forth and proliferate.”

Further information on such interesting subjects is only available through the Sirian Mystery School, a division of the College of Esoteric Education. Because universal concepts are difficult to understand, much of the teaching is explained through analogy and allegory.




Supernatural Men and Women

While most of the world is in upheaval, there are a few who looking forward to the dawn of the new cycle. The Ancient Ones have said peace would reign throughout the world and economic conditions will improve with a fresh start. Metaphysicians who have been watching the trend of circumstances in the world and who know the periods of human evolution are looking forward to the dawn of this new cycle when the coming supernatural men and women will pass from childhood to adulthood. Some of them are on the planet now.

The day of their arrival is close at hand, and already these young, supernatural people in many parts of the world are beginning to express their new power and unique understanding and so can assist the ailing humanity. No longer will greedy governments be tolerated, or unfair advantages be given to the elect. The young ones have an agenda for the prosperity of this beautiful planet and are making preparations for a united usurping of the dominating negative forces of life.

The supernatural beings of the near future will be those who have leadership already within their grasp. They will control not only their own destinies through meditation, but will assist others to do the same. There will be no tyrannical autocracy connected with this worldwide phenomena, and there will be no unreasonable display of superiority. People will find rather, a mighty and powerful, though sympathetic and peaceful, direction and control of the world activities that are now crippling our economy.

The supernatural men and women of each cycle and age have been the result of the progress of civilization as well as the development of the inner selves of those who wish to serve humanity outwardly. In each cycle of the world’s history, these supernatural beings have been qualified to meet the conditions that they were to find and to govern the world as it required governing. These beings appear at the end of every cycle or sub-cycle of humanity because it is necessary to seed the incoming cycle with the fresh ideas it needs to carry forward.

In the earlier cycles of human progress the super-qualities of these specially selected men and women related to the purely intellectual abilities of the objective faculties of humanity. The men and women of those periods were those who could see, hear, or sense better the objective impressions registered upon their consciousness and interpret them regarding adaptability relative to our planet. These beings were inspired by their Higher Selves, angelic beings, Ascended Masters or extra-planetary beings.

Then came the cycle of supernatural individuals who turned their vision inwardly rather than outwardly and saw the weaknesses of the inner self and the need for cultural improvement, and adaptability. These beings often worked tirelessly and behind the scenes. Then followed the development of man’s egoism. As it often happens, this resulted in self-aggrandizement and the desire to surround oneself with every cultural luxury and comfort. People couldn’t help comparing themselves to others or were worried about what the neighbours would think. This led to a lot of unkindness developing in humanity.

The next cycle brought the desire for conquest as a natural result of man’s desire to make his personal name and fame paramount above everything else.

However, in this phase of evolution new lands were discovered, new cities built, new empires established, and this was in accordance with the plan for humanity though the people knew it not.

We have just finished a major sub-cycle where a human’s vision has been turned toward intellectual attainment and technological and scientific knowledge so that he might take from others that which they possessed but didn’t know how to protect. Certain elements of humanity thereby monopolized and controlled solely through objective intellectual power the things that belonged to humanity at large.

The inevitable result of such a cycle was that of self-destruction, since the power of greed that entered into the plans of those who were leaders in this last sub-cycle, destroyed itself and destroyed those who were instruments of its activities. The plan for humanity saw that in all of the greedy things that man accomplished during the past cycle there should be a residue of results that will benefit everyone when properly directed and controlled by the new period of super beings to follow.

And now we are on the threshold of this new cycle when these new supernatural beings are about ready to come into their own, and reconstruct the toppling, quivering structures, and creations of the hordes of greed of the past sub-cycle. The Logos has seen that during the past one hundred years or more the foundation should be laid for the great transfer of human control and human direction. Men and women in all lands and all sections of every state and nation have been gradually prepared and carefully inspired during the past fifty or more years for the new role and new position they or their children will occupy within the next few years.

The unlimited power of wealth and control of business and economic conditions will be taken from the hands of the greedy and selfish and transferred to the hands of those who are altruistic and sympathetic.

The new cycle of beings now reaching maturity have had their vision turned from the narrow, personal viewpoint, to the broad, universal horizon of international humanity. Their education and training have been along the lines of universal comprehension and philosophical understanding with the sympathetic appreciation of the needs of all men, women, and children, and with a desire to see mercy and justice made manifest in every walk of life.

Once again we will see the rise of the supernatural man and woman of the new cycle. The bigotry of religions, the tyranny of nationalism, the selfishness of economic standards have been supplanted by a broader viewpoint and a newer and better attunement with human existence.





The Sword, Dove, Eagle, Egg, Maze

In the symbol of the sword we see yet again, a principle of this planet embodied. It is a principle that was required of this planet and throughout this planet, you have, if we use time, quite rapid proliferation and withdrawal. That sword is indicative of the principle that was imposed upon this Logos—you call it killing. You observe what you term death on every hand over the planet—it matters little whether it be a tiny insect or whether it be a great organism—death—and that sword postulates that principle of the planet.

It is a symbol of the Logos; it is a symbol of that which was imposed upon this Planetary Logos. It also embodies that figure four, and we repeat, it is a symbol of the forces that were imposed upon and are manifesting through this Planetary Logos. We mention here that it is not to be regarded as humankind regard death. It is a beautiful symbol—it is a beautiful imposition of that which was required upon this Logos.

The dove has been used as a symbol from early times. What you are seeing is a manifestation of the various forces that emanate from and through this Logos, symbolized, and in each case, humankind has treasured these symbols and used them in various ways, and they appear in various forms of meditation because they are basic to this planet. The dove is a symbol of enlightenment—not peace as humankind often thinks—it is a symbol of enlightenment and perhaps accomplishment, the two words are interwoven.

The eagle sees the travelling back. It is associated with the withdrawal force, and of course, it is a Logoic representation, but it is associated with the withdrawal force, and it again has occupied a niche in humankind’s thinking from prehistory.

The egg is of course somewhat self-evident in that there is not one life organism on this planet, which does not begin its history, its cycling as an egg. Again we look at an inherent planetary principle, and that egg purely symbolizes that which is the operation of this planet in its proliferation.

We will except the maze from that which we mentioned. It is not inherent in the planet. It is the outcome of mankind’s desire to get back, mankind’s desire to return, as we mentioned earlier and his inability to find the way back. It is not plain, it is not straight, it is not open, and he tries; he tries this, he tries that; and so the maze symbolizes the attempt of mankind to find a pathway that he blindly is aware, exists.



Your Soul Blueprint

A map has a starting point so we will start from where you are right now. When you are asked to introduce yourself, you would normally state your name and what you do. But this doesn’t tell people who you are; it only tells them what your present occupation is. To gain insights about yourself, you need to look closely at your beliefs, values, and principles aside from your economic, professional and cultural status. Moreover, you can also reflect on your experiences to give you insights on your good and not-so-good traits, skills, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses. These insights can only be gained through a process of introspection. People are different—and they respond to different situations in different ways. The personality analysis given in lecture two of module one of the Home Study Course is extremely in-depth and will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own temperament so that your relationship with yourself can be improved and your relationships with others can be better understood.

Your vision relates to what sort of a person you want to be. This is why it is important to know your temperament and the qualities of the temperaments so that you can have a clearer idea of who you want to be and the traits you want to change into the opposite polarity, whether they are attitudes, habits, or points of view. If you hardly know yourself, then your vision and targets for the future would also be unclear. Your destination or what you want to do should cover all the aspects of your being: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If you are following a spiritual path, you probably will want to be in the field of service to humanity.

Your mission is the means by which you can reach your destination. It is your vocation in life. To some extent, your mission depends on what you know about yourself and the talents you have inherited so that you can make the wisest judgment in your choice of service. Many people during this time are wanting to work in the alternative health field or in some aspect dealing with “saving the planet.”

Your knowledge, skills, and attitude towards people and life all play a part in determining if you need a professional degree or some other qualification to help you achieve your vocation. This will determine your competence and help you in attaining your vision. Given such, there is a need for you to assess what knowledge, skills, and attitudes you have at present and what you will need to gain along the way. This assessment will give you insights on your measures of success.

If you have constantly tuned into your Higher Self and asked for guidance, you will find doorways opening for you to achieve whatever you have listed as needing. In planning out your soul blueprint or life chart, you also need to have certain landmarks and a route. These landmarks will indicate your measures of success along the way. These measures must be specific, able to be accomplished, realistic, and within a certain time frame. Thus you cannot set two major landmarks such as earning a degree in science and studying for an art degree in the same period. You need to choose which one is the highest priority for your main function in life, even though both might be appropriate for the type of work you wish to do.

Your soul blueprint was organized before you came down into incarnation. If you are successful at making contact with your Higher Self, you will usually be able to map out your soul blueprint quite successfully and fulfill your function while you are here on the earth plane.

The purpose of trying to create this blueprint is to minimize hasty and spur-of-the-moment decisions that can make you lose your way, or send you off in a totally different direction. This blueprint is already inside you, encoded into your faceted structure. So you inherently know what it is you have to do albeit on a subconscious level. Sometimes your plans may be modified along the way due to delays, and other situations beyond your control. Like in any path, you may encounter turns, detours, potholes, and speed bumps, and you must anticipate them and adjust accordingly. Delays and other situations can often be karmic, so it is no use complaining or wishing it were different. Instead, put all of your energy into making it the very best that you can. Then you will begin to live out your soul blueprint here on Earth.



What Happens After Death?

When someone passes through the veil, it leaves people on the earth plane miserable and unhappy; why is this so? Chiefly because it separates us from those we love. The only other reason why death brings grief or fear is because we do not understand it and comprehend the part it plays in human evolution. But the moment our ignorance gives way to comprehension such fear vanishes and a more peaceful attitude of acceptance takes its place. Humanity has now come to the point where it must break the “thought barrier’ if it is to continue to an enlightened age of peace and true brotherhood.

Why do we have enemies from whose words or acts we suffer? Because in our limited physical consciousness we do not perceive the unity of all life and realize that our wrong thinking and doing are like boomerangs that return to us bringing the results back for us to experience. The only way most people learn is through interaction with others, and sometimes through painful interaction, because that is the only way the information can get through.

On a personal level, others will mirror back to you exactly what you have sent out and will continue to do so until you cease to think negatively. This will continue for you until the time when the causes you have already generated are fully exhausted. When spiritual illumination comes, and you no longer stumble in the night of ignorance, the last enemy will disappear, and you will no longer be required to incarnate upon the earth plane.

We can be free of all such games or blame when we are released from the confines of the physical body during sleep. Many wake up to find themselves out of body and in a different sphere or realm where there is only peace and harmony. Mostly this is forgotten by morning, and the person goes on to face another day, but having an unconscious knowing that there is something better somewhere.

It is our ignorance that makes poverty and disease able to manifest in our lives because we do not comprehend their meaning or their lessons, nor do we know the correct attitude to assume toward them. If we did, there would not be any poverty or disease on our planet, and we know that this is not the case. Yes, a minority of people are certainly learning the lesson in how to bring about the balance so that they can live a relatively easy life without having to experience this manifestation. But for the majority, the wisdom to understand why illness or poverty seems to strike is just not there.

And so it is with all forms of suffering we experience. They are at once reactions from our ignorant blunderings and instructors that point out the better way. When we have comprehended the lessons, they teach they will be no longer necessary and disappear because by then we will have understood why they were essential factors in our evolution. It is not by the outward acquirement of facts that men become wise and great. It is by tapping into the soul from within until it illuminates the brain centres with a downpouring of that flood of light called brilliance.

When we have reached that point in our evolution, then we will turn from our interest in mastering matter to the instinctive knowledge of a spiritual universe composed of myriad realms, planes and sub-planes and perhaps when a loved one passes through the veil, we may even be permitted to go with them a certain distance.

Each soul that moves out of the shadows and into the light, out of ignorance into knowledge and out of superstition into truth is helping to dissipate the fog of darkness into which humanity has fallen. The darkness is greatest just before the dawn, but the more people invoke the light, the quicker the energies of the new age will be ushered in.


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