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Fae and Elven Spell Boxes

These delightful boxes have been created especially for those who wish to interact with fairies, elves, mermaids, unirorns and so on. Occasionally the word fae describes any magical being, including hobgoblins or gnomes: at other times, the word only depicts a particular sort of more supernal being or sprite. Folklore traditions refer to them by such names names as the wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, and so forth. While in modern society they’re frequently depicted as young, some of the times winged, humanlike, initially, the were described really differently: tall, beaming, angelic beings or short stubby gnomes. Fairies are broadly described as human in appearance, and are about 6″ tall. They do have magical ability, but their roots are less clear in folklore.

Each one of these spell boxes is unique and has been especially handcrafted and acts as a portal to attract those beings who wish to connect with humanity.These beings exist in the astral realms and have much to teach us about magic and other forms of meditation. The boxes contain, crystals and semi precious stones, black rose oil, and a powerful spell of protection.



Paranormal Objects

The object pictured to the left might look like an ordinary bell. It was given to me many years ago with some other unusual objects. I didn’t pay much attention to these objects until mysterious things started happening a couple of months later. When I tuned into the energies of the bell, I found to my delight that the bell contained many spells, and had, in fact, been used thousands of times by the original owner for spirit, angel, and other paranormal entity connection. When I learned how to activate the spells contained within it, I was able to perceive many beings coming and going through a portal. Each one had a particular message for me. After a while, the bell would ring of its own accord whenever an entity was near.

I also learned how to communicate with certain beings by ringing the bell a certain number of times, and saying a specific formula. All this might sound a bit like a fairy tale! It does because it is! Another discovery I made was that the bell could summon fairies, gnomes, and djinn. Not only that, I was told how to activate a portal into the realm of the Fae.

When the bell became fully charged, it emitted light rays of force. The spells contained within the bell were originally performed by someone using only white magic. Magic exists! Perhaps your karma will draw a similar object to you. By now I guess you will be wondering if some of those fairy tales we all know and love are actually true. A lot of them contain allegories explaining metaphysical truths in a manner more easily understood by the person reading. However, some do contain hidden spells for anyone who has an interest in such things to uncover and explore.



Spirit Dolls

Spirit, enchanted or haunted dolls are used as a portal for human entities, djinn, djinnya, khodam, unicorn, pegasus, gnomes, elves, and other paranormal entities. These entities are learning the same as humans are on this Earth, and usually come to impart or share knowledge. They are not there to randomly grant wishes, although some of the higher Master Guides or other entities may do so occasionally. Remember that everything has a price, and whatever has been given to you will have to be repaid in kind at some time. Many people are apt to forget this in their haste to acquire this or that.

I have been fortunate insofar as over the last forty years or so I have been able to investigate the paranormal and have written many books on it. During this time, I have acquired many haunted or enchanted items that other no longer wish to keep. Some of these items and dolls have taught me much about the afterlife—that it exists is a fact. I know this by the number of spirits that appear in the house. We are also a spirit; the difference is—that for a short time on the earth plane, we are clothed by a body of flesh.

Most of the spirits that attach to dolls or other items, such as a piece of jewellery, is because they want to share knowledge, or sometimes the interest is in learning about the different branch of metaphysics in which I am involved. Some of them simply wish to remain close to the physical plane and need to be shown how to return to the appropriate realm. But most are able to move back and forth between realms. The ones who wish to pass on knowledge are white light, highly advanced beings, and were part of the living beings on Earth.

The Lord Jehovah was not only the creator of the past, but He is also the creator of the present, and He will be the creator of the future. Humans are composed of those four elements plus the subtle fifth, the Akasha Principle. However, the Djinn were formed from smoke and fire by the power above. These spirits were given to assist, to change, and to enhance our lives, as we see by the life of King Solomon.

If we go way back into the very distant past, you will find that the different tribes of Djinn had a lot of interaction with mortal human beings. At that time, the Djinn were known to talk with humans, and to teach them as students. Like many of the other so-called mythical creatures, such as Fairies, Unicorns, and Dragons, the Djinn are also becoming quite close to humanity once more, and the Djinn who still exist are very rare, and a connection to them is highly sought after. Mortals do indeed consider themselves very lucky if they have a connection to one of the Djinn. You may be unaware that Haunted dolls have been recorded throughout our history and continue even today. There are even haunted dolls that are in museums. There are many famous people who own huge displays of haunted dolls, which are in their own museum collection. One known collector is an author by the name of Anne Rice.

Why spirits choose dolls, we may never know. But it seems that dolls attract spirits. Maybe because of the human type looks, maybe because when we own them, they are loved and admired. One may never know, but it’s real and it happens. And what these vessels are seeking is someone who believes in them, someone with whom they can share their knowledge, or also learn from the person they attract to their vessel. The spirit may ask to be passed on to a new family, or a person, that may need their help or guidance.

It is safe to say that many have had ghostly encounters with a spirit or haunted dolls. From all over the world, people have these encounters that prove to us, we are not the only ones here. If you are lucky enough to have such an experience, it may change your outlook on life forever. The veils between the dimensions are thinning, so that in the future, it will be common to communicate with deceased loved ones and other beings.

If you are attracted to owning a spirit doll, please understand that your experiences will be different than mine. Each experience takes it own forms and actions, because each one of us is at a different level of development, so please handle your enchanted items with love and with care and always respect them, they are a living entity just like you.

By doing this, your enchanted item may do the following:
Show to you, full bodied apparitions, let you hear their disembodied voices, show you their spirit orbs, show flashes of light, show you swirls of smoke or fire, mists, you may hear knocking, you may hear footsteps, see shapes, you may have electrical disturbance and so on. If you walk through one, you will feel it like cold tingles that give you goose bumps. They can also help you with strengthening your psychic senses, increase your intuition, make your clairvoyance and clairaudience stronger or more developed. They can also attract positive energy to everything around you, explain intuitive healing to you, show you how to remove mental blocks that you may have, and offer you divine protection. Some of the advanced ones can increase spiritual gifts, aid you in your meditation, scrying or divination, increase your mental power, create extreme knowledge and wisdom, and teach you the secrets of prayer.


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