Our First Quarterly Magazine

This is the first of our quarterly magazines, and I have decided to concentrate more on information about meditation and other related topics, and simple exercises that everyone can experience on a regular basis. I will keep the exercises short and basic, so there will not be the need for lengthy preparation. However, I will stress the point of having good mind control, as it is impossible to meditate correctly if the mind is darting here and there, thinking about this and that, so this will be the best place to start.

Also, let me say that there is no difference between metaphysics, mysticism, magic, meditation or any other name that people might like to use. There is only one energy, but it can be used in diverse ways, with different symbols, with channelling, and it can be used for positive or negative purposes. It all depends on the person using the energy, not the energy itself. There are many different and creative ways to use the energy, and we’ll be exploring some of these together over the coming months. There is also an article on Mabon or the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere. Many more articles will be forthcoming to assist those who are seeking the path. More free articles are available here. 



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