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Chance, Coincidence and Synchronicity

My whole life was changed by one small, unforeseen moment when I decided to visit my Mum. I thought I would try a different route on this particular day, because of a previous appointment, and as I was driving through an unfamiliar area, I caught a glimpse of a house through a tangle of bushes. It looked interesting, so I got out to have a closer look and discovered this older style house, elegant and calm in its setting, with lots of trees behind and parkland and a small stream two minutes away. Believe it or not, it was for sale, and we signed the contract that night. If I hadn’t decided to go a different way that day, we might not be living here now. But opportunity knocked, and I welcomed it with open arms!

I hear life stories from many people and sometimes one will stand out for some reason or other. I was speaking with a friend the other day who likewise, saw an opportunity to dance just by chance many years ago and grasped it with both hands. She, like so many widows, was finding it hard to fill her time with something worthwhile other than minding the grandchildren or sewing for the family.

This woman, in her sixties at the time, saw an advertisement for a tap dancing class. While her family was not in favour of her attending the class, nevertheless she went along—and had a ball. She has since danced at many festivals and won many prizes and now has added ballroom dancing to her repertoire. And incidentally, has regained the figure of a thirty year old, now at over eighty.

The upshot is that she is now out dancing three, sometimes four, times a week. She gets a marvellous reception from the audiences and her family and friends are proud of her late achievements. Now she invites her new friends over for coffee and even does dressmaking for the dancing group. Her life is full once again, and she no longer feels useless.

“I don’t know where I’d be now if it hadn’t been for seeing that advertisement by chance,” she says. “It got me on the move, where otherwise I might have been sitting on my own, just reading and getting more miserable each day. I do think it’s a gift from God to be able to dance at my age.”

At her age? Well this dancer who is so full of the joys of life, who likes to look her best and entertain her friends and hasn’t stopped learning, is eighty three years old.

Which goes to show that you can never know when some wonderful chance will come your way and that it is never too late for it to happen. Life is full of opportunities and synchronicities just waiting for you to activate them but you cannot expect some surprise to come and find you, while you sit around feeling bored and frustrated. You must make some effort of your own, find some interest that breaks the old routine or go to a place where you will meet different people.

You cannot make something wonderful happen overnight, but you may find that some little thing will start a chain reaction, which in the words of that dear older lady gets you “on the move.”

However much your life may seem to stretch ahead monotonously, the one certain thing is that there is no certainty. The only thing that is permanent in this universe is change. There is always change; always an opportunity that knocks; always twists and turns, some potholes, some speed bumps, but there are so many unexpected little happenings, that together can change your life. Lady Luck or should I say, Sister Synchronicity, may be closer than you think but you have to be prepared to meet her half way.


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